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This guitar might have a few dings, but it has it were it counts. It's been given a pro setup with nice low action, 5/64" bass 3/64" measured at the 12th fret. It's also been given a custom carved bone nut with specially carved nut slots to reduce friction. Also to reduce friction, I replaced the string trees with some rollers which really help keep the instrument in tune when using the tremolo. I worked the frets a bit to get them nice and flat with a nice healthy crown. It plays great, and it's also not a bad looker either. I went ahead and gave it some vintage style knobs cause I thought it looked cool with the metal fleck which in my opinion has a little bit of a vintage vibe. 


Bone nut
Worked frets
Roller trees

I strongly stand by my work and believe that it is what sells my guitars. All of the repairs and setup work done at my shop is guaranteed. Not only am I willing to warranty the repair work that I do on any instrument for up to two years, I am willing to make sure that each player gets a setup on these instruments that works for them. If you need adjustments made to an instrument's setup that is bought here, I will do my best to make sure I can make it work for you.

The price is firm unless a trade can be offered. I know the value of the work I do and of the instruments themselves but I am always on the lookout for instruments that can be worked on and saved for a new life in a new home. I am open to partial trades.

I have other instruments here as well that you are welcome to check out and play and I also offer a full range of setup and 

repair services and sell a limited selection of accessories. Please feel free to call and setup an appointment.

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Red Metal Fleck Ibanez Gio

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