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I specially heat treat all natural soft cotton flannel fabric that is safe for all types guitar finish. The heat treatment makes these rags highly absorbent and highly effective at dry wiping guitars after play but also effective at holding polishes and cleaners. These rages are un-hemmed to prevent hard surfaces and shipped in a clean plastic bag to keep them clean and free from debris. 


It is recommendable to keep the rag in the bag it was shipped in to keep it clean. A dirty rag can collect debris that can scratch or otherwise damage your finish. It's handy to keep your rag in your guitar case and to use it to give your guitar a quick dry rub down after playing. This can prevent your guitars finish and hardware from being damaged or corroded by oils and other buildup over time. 


For deep cleaning jobs, you can use a little guitar polish on this rag to really give your guitar a good thorough cleaning. If you use it for this, leave it out in a clean area to dry afterwards or throw it though your washer and dryer by itself.

Rag-Time Cleaning Cloth

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