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This is a GREAT sounding and GREAT playing guitar! It's pretty hansom too! The finish is a awesome looking surf green metal fleck. In fact, the reason I picked up the neck and the body was because I thought they looked cool and I liked the space age styling. I decided I want to build an axe especially made for playing vintage rock but it ended up being a bit more versatile than just that. This is a great guitar for blues, rockabilly, surf, psychedelic rock, jazz, classic rock, shoe gaze and lots of other stuff. The tone this thing has ranges from mean to smooth with really nice tone roll off that just purrs. 

I wired this guitar to have the 5 normal modern strat tones from the five normal pickup selection settings, but I also added a phase switch for the middle pickup so that you can also get a vintage sound out of settings 2 and 4. Before the 70s, strats didn't have a reverse wound middle pickup which caused settings 2-4 to have a very different, distinctive sound that is not possible to get from strats that are not specially made for or modified to produce it like this one is. With this mod, you have the best of both worlds! You will have access to tones from the 50s and 60s as well as tones from the 70s to present. 

There is also a treble bleed modification added to the volume pot which allows you to turn the volume down using the guitars knob without loosing high end. Shielding and star grounding to prevent EM interference from creating noise, orange drop caps for the best sounding tone adjustments, and all the best electronic components. CTS and Bourns pots, Oak Grigsby switch, Switchcraft OP jack. 







This guitar features:

Gold Foil clones from guitar fetish
Freshly leveled, crowned and polished frets
Custom Caved bone nut
CTS 10% 250k pots for volume and neck tone
Bourns 500k push pull pot as tone for the middle pickup and a middle pickup phase switch
.047uf orange drop tone cap
Oak Grigsby 5 way pickup selector
Duncan style treble bleed done with a .0015uf orange drop and 100kohm resistor
Switchcraft output jack
Shielding and star grounding to protect against unwanted noise
Roller trees
Vintage style tuners
Vintage wilkinson style bridge
Pearl inlays
Professional, low, comfortable setup free from buzzing with a floating tremolo
New Fender Bullet strings


25.5" scale
1 5/8" nut width
14" fretboard radius
Slim but comfy D shaped neck

I strongly stand by my work and believe that it is what sells my guitars. All of the repairs and setup work done at my shop is guaranteed. Not only am I willing to warranty the repair work that I do on any instrument for up to two years, I am willing to make sure that each player gets a setup on these instruments that works for them. If you need adjustments made to an instrument's setup that is bought here, I will do my best to make sure I can make it work for you. 

The price is firm unless a trade can be offered. I know the value of the work I do and of the instruments themselves but I am always on the lookout for instruments that can be worked on and saved for a new life in a new home. I am open to partial trades. Generally, things I look for are fretted instruments that need work or repair, parts for guitars, cases and things like that. It's important for me to be able to fix and upsel things that come in. I am generally not interested in new guitars or things that are in playable condition. 

I have other instruments here as well that you are welcome to check out and play and I also offer a full range of setup and repair services and sell a limited selection of accessories. Please feel free to call and setup an appointment. 

Drew's Guitar Shop
West Seattle Guitar Repair
Used and Vintage Instruments

Mint Cookies and Cream Partscaster

  • For shipping on large items like guitars, I will have to get a shipping address in order to get an espimate on shipping costs. Please contact me through my contact page if you are interested in purchansing a guitar and getting a shipping estimate or setting up a time and day to come pick it up. 

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